Training Projects Designed on Competencies Basis

All preparations and trainings are being designed upon your corporate competencies that the project aims at. The efforts which are to proceed with competency-based pre and post-training tools will target standardization within the scope of competency. It will be supported with follow-up modules where we have adopted clear benefits of the improvement for the participants' performance as a principle in the same way and an in-house follow-up system will also be built with the reports submitted. The steps of progress especially under executive titles for competency-based efforts will be as follows:

Değişim gelişim

Consultancy and Business Development Services

  • Development of Corporate Culture
  • Service Quality and Excellence
  • Management of Corporate Change Processes
  • Efficiency of Recruitment Processes peculiar to Corporate Competencies
  • Assessment of Employee Satisfaction, Internal Communication
  • In-house Assessment and Measurement Services

Those are the major corporate consultancy services we offer. More subjects can be developed upon request.

Internal Trainer Outsourcing Services

  • Providing Definite Term Internal Trainers Support
  • Training Internal Trainers according to specific expectations and objectives
  • Auditing and development of Internal Trainers and Presentation Support
  • Administration and payroll services for Internal Trainers

It is imperative to create an internal trainer staff based on the corporate efficiency and the strategies and to ensure their active sustainability. We will proceed with a professional team administration of internal trainer staff in our own payroll, recruitment within the scope of a particular project and efficiency during all of their efforts. An Outsource Project Leader will be assigned within the frame of this service and you will get support with periodic reporting.

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