Management Consultancy

Whether your purpose is maintaining sustainability and profitability in your business or developing a unit or department or your business, in all areas you might want to know the experiences of different companies and the solutions and recommendations of different companies towards one’s own structure. Masters Management Consultancy helps you take decisions by offering you services and recommendations which would create added value in the areas of your need

We guide the institutions to make timely and accurate investments or succeed in management of finances towards correct results and sustainable and planned profitability with the specialized and experienced team of consultants.

Strategic and Reorganization Consultancy

Our main targets are management of corporate structuring and inter-company reorganization processes, assessing the Strategic investment decisions, rendering commercial structure in alignment with the new targets, determining segments of profitability with assessing the products or services and moving towards the profitable fields.

Finance Consultancy

Our services in this regard are mainly conducting resource optimization analysis with our specialized staff, compliance analysis for the suitable financial resources and commissioning the valid solutions, changing the financial processes in need of changes so as to provide permanent solutions. Also we perform the following within the frame of our financial consultancy services;

Merger and acquisition consultancy
Valuation services
Debt restructuring consultancy
Organizing Department profit centers and department based budget control systems,
Offering feasibility, application report and projects of the investment projects
Following up the investment projects and supervising the principles and transactions
Using the current financial instruments in terms of risk and cost management targets
Executing reorganization and restructuring with the purpose of using the fiscal data on a management focused basis in relation to the fiscal values of the management and finance, reporting and accounting substructure and organizations.

Human Resources Consultancy

Structuring the personnel policies under the frame of a Future vision and updating them,

Performing labor and norm staff studies,

Generating a recruitment process exclusive to the qualifications of the institution, generating performance and talent management policies, assessing the customer satisfaction, developing employment and preparing the internal career planning structures of the company are our main services under the scope of Human Resources Consultancy.

Sales Management Consultancy

Although they perform activities in different sectors, the definite purpose of the company is “sustainable profitability ‘’and they have to reach this purpose with the sales of products and/or services in their portfolios. In other words, there is a chance that they can reach their final purposes in the proportions that they can reach ‘maximum sales profitably and lucratively”.

Today, many companies have to reach their customers through sales channels each of them having different multiple expectations and accordingly perform their sales and this is not a choice, yet an obligation.

We can see that the companies which are deemed as successful as the result of the assessments made do not only Access their users with only ‘good products ‘’ , ‘’good levels of service ‘’ but also that they can use efficiently the Commercial Channels they collaborate with, thus once the classical approach and Sales Operation concept has evolved into ‘’Commercial Channel Management‘’.

Masters Management creates a different perspective within the frame of the Sales Management Consultancy Services offered so as to see the sales operations of the companies more analytically within the frame of Sales Management Consultancy.By this point of view;

Each commercial channel selected/used to access the user is considered as a ‘’Profit Center”,

Focusing on unique needs and expectations of each channel, solutions are offered so as to increase “company efficiency” of each channel.

We share our capacities and qualifications with companies so as to maintain an integrated structure which is compatible with each other and the channels of sale.

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