Belongingness and Teamwork
Analytic and Strategic Thinking
Motivation for Personal and Team Achievement
Conflict Management
Behavioral Problem Solving
Change and Leadership
Change Management and Adaptation to Change
Management of Diversities
Coaching Skills and Effective Feedback
Team Work and Wisdom of Teams
Team Management
Management by Objectives
Every Manager Is a Human Resources Manager
Generations and Management Vulnerabilities in Business Life
Corporate Communication
Corporate Culture
Development of Leadership Performance
Problem Solving and Decision Making
Management and Efficiency in Project Teams
Management with the Power of Intuition
Synergic Relationship Management
Result-oriented Feedback
Strategic Planning
Awareness Management for Executives
Development of Managerial Skills
Fundamental Steps in Management and Leadership

Designed especially for SMEs and AGENCIES, DEALERS
Management Modules
Business Administration Modular Program
Institutionalization and Professionalism
Guidance Through Achievement for Teams and Performance

Change and Development Oriented Projects

Training Sessions Designed on Competencies Basis
All the efforts and training sessions being conducted will be designed and progress based upon your corporate competencies that the project aims at. The efforts which are to proceed with competency-based pre- and post-training tools will target standardization within the scope of competency. And it will be supported with follow-up modules where we have adopted clear benefits of the improvement for the participants' performance as a principle in the same way and an in-house follow-up system will also be built with the reports submitted. The steps of progress especially under executive titles for competency-based efforts will be as follows:
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Sales & Marketing

Regional Sales Management
Key Account Management
Distributor/Agency/Dealer Management
Situational Customer Service
Effective Relationship Management and Selling
Customer relations and Selling/Service in Retail Environment
Motivational Selling
Customer Relations and Communication/Selling
Being Customer-focused
Handling Customer Complaints & Complaints Management
Marketing Management
Retail & Selling Techniques
Management of Sales Support Teams
Management of Field Sales
Retail Management
Pin Points for Customer relations
Asking Right Questions in Sales and Sales Closing
Selling Techniques
Phone Selling
Handling Demanding Customers

Personal Development

Satisfactory Communication and Questioning Techniques
Body Language Skills
Management of Interpersonal Relations
Effects of Personal Awareness on Performance
Management of Emotions
Emotional Intelligence
Building Empathetic Communication
Management of Differences and Negative Emotions
Development of Communication Skills
Efficiency in Relationships (Transactional Analysis)
Creating First Impression and Image
Business Etiquette
Balance of Business and Life
Strategy of Becoming a Personal Brand
Development of Self-confidence
Personal Image in Professional and Social Life
Stress Management
The Human Element ©

Skills Development

Developing Satisfactory Business Relationships
Being Success and Result oriented
Information Sharing and Guidance
Consultant Improvement Program
Behavioral Patterns and Relationship Management
Accurate and Influential Speaking
Train the Trainer
Effective Presentation
Influence and Relationship Management
Service Quality
Persuasion Skills
Creative Thinking for Innovation
A Professional Outlook To Business Life
Business and Time Planning
Adding Value to One’s Work, Making a Difference
Making Oneself Accepted Among
Personal Efficiency and Proactivity
Negotiation Skills
Planning and Organization
First Step Into Professional Life
Protocol Rules
Meeting Management
Executive Assistance
Time Management
Handling Demanding Persons

Call Center

Call Center training sessions are designed especially for
  • Customer Representatives,
  • Sales Managers and/or Team Leaders,
  • Call Centre Managers.
    Customer Relations on the Phone
    Development of Fundamental Skills and Communication
    Selling Skills on the Phone
    Influencing and Professionalism on the Phone
    Persuasion Skills on the Phone
    Performance Management and Coaching Skills
    Result-oriented feedback and Follow-up
    Behavioral Negotiation Skills Peculiar To Call Centre Competencies
    Overcoming the Stress
    Emotional Intelligence
    Team Training for Call Centers

  • Human Resources

    Training Need Analysis
    Training Management
    Performance Management and Performance Assessment
    Effective Feedback and Meetings
    Efficiency in Recruitment Processes
    Competency-based Interview Skills
    Consultant Development Program
    Human Resources Expertise Program
    Internal Trainer Development Program
  • Professional Attitude and Communication
  • Personal Influence in Training
  • Behavioral Approaches for Professional Trainers

  • Finance

    Eğitim İhtiyaç Analizi
    Eğitim Yönetimi
    Performans Yönetimi ve Performans Değerlendirme
    Etkin Geri Bildirim ve Görüşmeler
    İşe Alım Süreçlerinde Verimlilik
    Yetkinlik Bazlı Mülakat Becerileri
    Danışman Gelişim Programı
    İnsan Kaynakları Uzmanlık Programı
    İç Eğitmen Yetiştirme Programı
    Profesyonel Duruş ve İletişim
    Eğitimde Bireysel Etkinlik
    Profesyonel Eğitmenler için Davranış Yaklaşımları

    Creative Thinking


    What is innovative thinking? Could it be learned? How does it develop? How could it be developed?

    Innovative thinking is a phenomenon that we experience at every instance of our lives, perhaps mostly with no realization of it. Our innovative thinking always becomes part of the activity when solving a problem, at the stage of decision-making, and in the environment of limited time and resource use… However, when we put innovative thinking on a systematic foundation and develop it with conscious steps, it emerges as an approach creating the difference.
    Yaratıcı Düşünme

    In the speed and competition-based environment of the age we are living, offering just superior services and products does not suffice to become a strong player in the market. Real difference comes out when adapting to the dynamics of change and becoming a part of change becomes the approach adopted by all of the organization's personnel. This dynamics is only activated when fed by innovative thinking and when each and every personnel of the organization revives its own innovative thinking and carry it its specific field of responsibility. At this point, innovative thinking needs to be exposed, put on strong foundations and the innovative idea must be transformed into a state where it could be translated into action plans.

    "Innovative Thinking Seminar©" is a training program ensuring that we remove the innovative thinking barriers within our brains, that is able to develop our innovative thinking with different techniques and that processes the implementation steps that facilitate the realization of the innovative thinking created with the tools it has recommended.

    "Innovative Thinking Seminar©" is offered in practical format in an interactive structure and it includes mostly case studies, group studies and exercises.

    Basic objectives of "Innovative Thinking Seminar©":

    • To show the methods to break the innovative thinking barriers formed in our brains
    • To learn the techniques to develop innovative ideas, to develop skills
    • To show how innovative ideas are fed and developed by other's ideas
    • To learn the method of selecting the optimum one among many innovative ideas, to develop skills
    • To learn the planning methods of the path to be followed in putting the selected idea into practice

    "Innovative Thinking Seminar©" is convenient for participation of employees from all levels and functions of the organization. Mixed groups may be formed from different departments or there may be project teams focused on a certain department, or a specific subject. In addition, executives of any level, strategy makers, planners of transformation processes, those preparing business and implementation plans, and those functioning in customer relations, sales, marketing, and logistics.

    The structure of the training program consists from flexible modules and could be applied as 2 or 3 days after having shaped on the basis of corporate preferences.

    (The seminar is given in an interactive environment and there are several case studies, individual studies, group studies, presentations and discussions relating to the techniques.)

    Yaratıcı Düşünme

    Bcon is a training and consultancy organization of Japan with a past of about 40 years and operates in different countries including the USA. Vast majority of its customers are multinationals.

    ITS-Innovative Thinking Seminar© has been developed by BCon Group and so far about 5.000 Japanese companies have been given this training. ITS is a very effective training program benefited by thousands of participants in several countries just within the preceding year. ITS program is the first product of the cooperation between BCon Group and Masters.

    Outdoor Training

    • Team Building and Teamwork
    • Competing and Developing Team
    • Team and Leadership
    • The Consciousness of Us and "I am a link in the chain"
    • Cooperation and Solidarity
    • Creating of Trust and Communication
    • Steps Taken with Common Values
    Değer Taşları

    The outdoor trainings applied in our organization are extremely effective programs that could be focused on the desired message and could be distinguished from classic models.

    These programs of which entertainment and training dose could be balanced within the framework of your expectations are structured with class support in periods of one or two days.

    Simulations & MastersTraining

    A new Concept combining Fun and Training ;ENTERTRAINING !

    Well-attended Sophisticated Programs

    Masters Training combine fun,excitement and training and present the most effective and unique "experimental learning" programs.


    "Experimental Learning" is a way of training through a simulation based on a scenario in which participants could easily find and experience one to one similarities with their real-life working environment. By living the experience participants could increase their awareness and could see the results of their activities and effectiveness in the created environment.

    Each of the Masters Training takes around 4.5 hours, and number of participants could vary from tens to hundreds.


    Each of the Masters Training aims and concentrates different key learning points and scenarios were developed accordingly. Masters Training provide large flexibility for selection: According to the company specific needs and training objectives, most suitable program can be chosen among equally effective six different programs.

    The programs have two parts: A fast-paced, fun-based, challenging simulation game in the first part and an interactive de-brief section which highlights real life similarities of the experience, analysis of behaviors and actions of the participants and key learning points in the second part.

    All Masters Training with their basic principals set by lively experiences are programs in which all company members come together, live the harmonic group synergy and figure out their individual behaviors and learning points after which they can develop their skills.

    This feature enables the participants coming from different departments within the company to experience their individual added value to the total company performance in their daily work environment.

    Masters Training are perfect and most effective training tools in limited time with strong messages and key learning points in an entertaining and challenging environment especially suitable for large groups as sales teams and company's annual meetings. Not only for company workers, Masters Training also provide great effectiveness in order to deliver company's specific messages and high performance criteria to the distributors in a fun and challenging way during distributor meetings.

    All of the Masters Training have the flexibility to include company specific messages and liaisons to their market environment.v

    With Entertraining programs, Masters Training offers its expertise in "experimental learning" as a real and unique opportunity in order to increase your organization's performance.

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